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We publish relevant news for corporate audiences and organizations.


We propose the creation of a communications system aimed at interacting with consumers through the news. We embed corporate news in up-to-date public content to interest and stimulate your audience to regularly visit your social media, corporate website or/and subscribe to the newsletter via e-mail. We take over the functions of your news service to reduce your costs and raise the level of your news flow to the standards of professional media. Now you will not have to distract your specialists to formally maintain the corporate news section on a website, which, in most cases, few people read. Our professional authors, journalists, and editors will be involved in the news flow. Hiring such specialists, we use them on various projects, we provide them with a full workload, professional implementation and a high level of income. In such conditions, their talents are revealed in the best way and the authors do not have a professional “burnout” due to the narrow topic. It is not always possible or advisable to create such conditions within a corporate structure or public organization. Therefore, the quality of corporate news in most cases does not allow to attract and retain the audience. The enthusiasm of popular single bloggers is not lasting, as it is now becoming obvious. It is difficult to make long-term plans with them. First, their appetites grow, along with the increase in the number of their subscribers, then they “fizzle out” or lose interest in the topic and their information field collapses. We, on the contrary, offer you a system service in which you receive a high-quality news product even with the minimum size of your news flow. We created NEWSROOM.STUDIO because we are convinced that an interesting news flow for the audience can be a powerful marketing tool. If the big World News media can be so influential, well then in the scale of the industry, sector or niche you also should get their share of influence.


The news we publish has a single standard RSS feed format, but it may look different to the audience. News can be published in a corporate blog or various social networks, and then, accordingly, it will look like a Tweet or a post on Facebook, or maybe it will be Instagram or YouTube. In addition, we provide various software modules for displaying the news flow on your website. These modules are provided at no extra charge and have design options. Some options for the presentation of the news you can see below. Content presented in these examples is public and is provided for illustrative purposes only. You can also always use your own development or any available software solutions for presenting news from third-party developers.


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At the first stage, a general stream of news is projected. This stream is formed from three different streams. The largest stream is news from open sources that are of interest to the target audience. The work on searching, checking and selecting news for this news flow does not differ from the work of a regular newspaper news service, an Internet publication or a television channel. The next stream is news about its own corporate events. And one more stream is advertising messages.
At the second stage, each selected news flow is published. The text of the news is written, illustrations are selected or created. Next, the news goes through the approval process. The final version is edited and the layout of the news message is performed. Next, each news is assigned coded attributes for its further distribution.
At the third stage, the news is published according to the specified rules. They are included in their own news feeds RSS, and (or) are published in social media and blog platforms. We embed a program module for viewing news in a corporate site. Through it on the corporate website, visitors can view all published news in one window, no matter where they are located. Also through a special module, news content can be sent to subscribers.
All three stages are united by us into a single software and hardware complex which includes the Artificial Intelligence module. This allows us to quickly publish news and adjust the agenda of the news channel for the interest of your audience.


The NESROOM.STUDIO project was created by the MARK BRAUS MEDIA media division of MARK BRAUS кas a digital publishing service. In addition to NESROOM.STUDIO, we have created two more media services VIDEOMARKETING and PROMO BOOKLET, which allow organizations to form their own information field and fill it with content. Although each service is autonomous and can be used by itself, sharing services is most effective. Each of the three services performs a different function, and together they provide the necessary “three touches” with the audience. These are outsourcing services that enable an organization to carry out its core business, rather than build up its media infrastructure and competencies for a marketing project that does not imply monetization of a media product. At the same time, an organization can immediately operate with professional content congruent to its level. You can get acquainted with the services in more detail on their sites by clicking on the links. If necessary, an integrated media program can be created that can be built as a combination of several services.

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Production and distribution of marketing video

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Electronic publishing service embedded in a corporate website


The first part consists of one-time costs for research and development of the project. This can be a continuous stream of news or a weekly issue. It can be short text messages or an illustrated news blog. It all depends on the corporate agenda and the needs of the audience, as well as on the expected intensity and content of the advertising flow.
The second part of the cost is the monthly payments for the creation and publication of news. Depending on the chosen method of posting news and used services, hosting service may be additionally paid.
It is difficult to determine the cost while the volume, format, and frequency of news release are not defined. For your convenience, we have created a special calculator that allows you to estimate the approximate cost of the project.

Estimated Cost Calculator*

[news_type] * [num_news]

* This calculator calculates the cost for example only. It cannot be used to determine the actual cost of services for a real project.


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NEWSROOM.STUDIO is located in Kiev, in the central part of the city. We are located only 10 minutes from the metro Lukyanivka, at the intersection of Sichovyh Striltsev and Chornovil Street, which is convenient for clients.